Thursday, 15 July 2010

Competition win

Now we're rocking. The prizes are starting to roll in.

Just had a call to tell me that I've won a pair of tickets to RedFest
which looks pretty good - there's a really interesting line-up.

Unfortunately I'm in Vilnius (Llithuania) that weekend playing cricket so will have to pass on the tickets.

Must admit I was feeling a tad miserable about the veritable prize drought........a little more encouraged now.

good luck


Prizes entered 1451
Prizes won 3
Approx value £95
Period 7 weeks


  1. awesome i have won a years free cinema tickets , only problem is we dont have one in swindon ,so i have to travel to bath or oxford but no worries we can have a day out

  2. the prizes are rolling in now, i am loving it